Body and soul, physical and digital, phygital solutions were designed by integrating a flexible hardware structure with advanced software tools to make your business even faster, more profitable and above all, simpler.



A machine comprising standard modules that can be added or replaced to build your solution.

  • Easy: the machine automatically recognises the configuration that has been set.
  • Quick: setting up your configuration requires minimal time.
  • Flexible: the configuration can be changed according to requirements.

You are in control with the new BI-Creator software.

  • Intuitive: graphics and icons show you what you have to do, and how to do it.
  • Tailored: guided procedure for setting just what you need.
  • Exciting: use the pre-set options, or create a personalised experience.


A platform originating from the automotive sector: the task is made simple.

  • Smart: the machine automatically detects its functional status.
  • Precise: status analysis for individual electrical/electronic components.
  • Guided: you are provided with instructions for solving any possible problems.

A system that recognises problems in advance and resolves them.

  • Transparent: at all times, you know what is happening, and where.
  • Advanced: the machine records its component status data.
  • Integrated: you can use the data recorded on an IoT platform.


You have endless opportunities for expanding your product offer.

  • Personalised: users can create beverages exactly the way they want them.
  • Enticing: attract your customers’ attention with promotions and bundle-sales.
  • Productive: your business grows through up- & cross-selling.

Native API system: what could vending be like in the future?

  • Targeted: third-party applications for user profiling.
  • Exciting: add weather information and other web content.
  • Human: digital signing and vocal assistant to improve interaction.

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Design your Learning

Access the BI-Training platform to explore our solutions in detail and discover how they can improve your business. The Academy provides managers and technicians with an extensive catalogue of courses and technical insights, available 24/7.

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Design your offer

Think, imagine, free your creativity! With the BI-Creator software, you can now easily create the offer you have in mind to revolutionise your business.

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Design your machine

Build the right machine for your needs with BI-Configurator, the functional and intelligent software that guides you step by step in configuring your Phygital Solution.

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