FLESSY L and FLESSY PLUS L guarantee you a large machine capacity and optimal product visibility in any consumption context. By choosing FLESSY PLUS L you have more space for bottles and cans, while with the slave version you can combine FLESSY with a hot drinks machine and create an even richer and more complete offer.

A well-lit, comprehensively-supplied display, alluring to both the eyes and the appetite: difficult, or even impossible, to resist. And if you want to be even more impressive, you can attract your clients’ attention by personalising the door of the machine using stickers.
Hungry, thirsty? With Flessy, you will never leave people dissatisfied. There is a wide and diverse range of cold beverages and snacks, and the purchasing experience is intuitive and exciting at every stage thanks to the touch screen, the electronic display on the drawers and the luminous pathway that guides users in their choice.

Available technologies

Technical information

  • Versions with luminous pathway to guide the user.
  • Versions with digital price display on the drawers.
  • LEDS on each drawer for perfect product visibility.
  • Configure up to 7 drawers with 8 spirals.
  • Slave version works together with a hot drinks or snack&food master machine and a single payment system.
  • Alphanumeric keypad selection is on the master machine.
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