Products Warranty


In accordance with the general sales terms and conditions, this certificate enables you to benefit from our Warranty against manufacturing or material defects and from the free supply of parts to replace parts acknowledged to be defective during the Warranty period, at no additional cost.
Any intervention under Warranty is subject to full payment of the price by the customer in compliance with the agreed terms and conditions.


The Warranty covers Bianchi Vending and Brasilia products manufactured by Bianchi Industry S.p.A.but does not cover any system connected to them.
The Warranty covers all malfunctions of the product supplied by Bianchi Industry that were present when the product left its factory.


The product is guaranteed by law (Italian legislative decree 24/2002) against any manufacturing faults for 12 months from the date of delivery of the product by Bianchi Industry Italia. However, within 6 months of delivery by Bianchi Industry Italia, our customers can benefit  from the “Warranty Activation” procedure that extends the Warranty for a further 6 months from the date of delivery. The equipment installation module is attached to this document and available in the use and maintenance manual and on the Internet website and, in the “Warranty” section. This module enables you to notify to Bianchi Industry that you are operating the equipment and to report any teething problems and indicate how satisfied you are with your purchase. In order to activate the Warranty, fill in the document and send it by fax or email to the Bianchi Industry Customer Care number or address (shown on the form) within 3 days of installation of the product. If there are operating problems in the 12 months following installation, the Bianchi Industry Warranty will cover the spare parts required to solve the problem. In order to request these spare parts, you can use the Warranty form attached to this document in the use and maintenance manual and which is available on the Internet sites and in the “Warranty” section. The customer may request that the spare part be sent to an indicated destination. In this case, dispatch exempts the manufacturer from Warranty liability (unless a new fault aries in the dispatched part in the following twelve months). If the fault is covered by Warranty, the cost of dispatch of the spare part will be borne by the manufacturer. The manufacturer may replace faulty parts with regenerated parts, the obligation still applying to extend the Warranty for a further 12 months from the replacement/dispatch of  the part. The Warranty expires in all events within 18 months of the dispatch of the goods.


The Warranty does not apply in case of failures caused by:

  • failures and breakage caused by transport;
  • failure to load water (where applicable);
  • frost;
  • wear and tear, negligence, neglect of use and poor maintenance by consumers because of failure to comply with what is written in the maintenance and installation manuals of the product;
  • incorrect installation or repair operations performed by unskilled personnel or not trained by BI’s Training Center;
  • fire, flood, inductive/electrostatic discharge caused by lighthing or other phenomena outside, lack of electricity, voltage variations or anomalies;
  • lime scale build-up in the pipes, for which we always recommend the use of limestone filters that dramatically improve the reliability over time of distributors.

Warranty is not granted, unless proved that it is a manufacturing defect, for all moving parts and removable handles, lamps, glass parts and rubber, any accessory, consumable and all external components on which the consumer can take action during use. Warranty is also not granted on those products which, for the manufacturer’s declaration, are or cloud be subject to defects that limit their use and for which a price reduction is agreed with the client to compensate for the reduction of the product’s value. In no event will BI answer or be liable for the consequences, including special, consequential, indirect damage or similar and including loss of profit by its own and/or third party assigns, except in the case of intentional of gross negligence. BI is not liable for any damage to person, things, animals, which may directly or indirectly be caused by improper use of the goods. We decline all responsibility. In non event shall the liability ever exceed the price paid by the customer for the single order from the content of which possible claims/compensations are derived.


Once the Warranty period has expired, all the costs arising from the repairs shall be borne by the customer.


In no case is the manufacturer liable or deemed to be liable for the consequences, including demanges even the special, consequential, indirect or similar ones, and including the loss of earnings caused by the manufacturer and/or third parties except for cases of malicious demage or gross negligence. No liability is accepted for harm to persons, things, animals that are due directly or indirectly to improper use of the goods. No liability is therefore accepted. In no cases can liability exceed the price paid by the customer for the single order, the content of which gives rise to claims for demages/compensation.


The degree of IP protection provided in the documentation and maintenance manual in the other diagrams present in the devices may be understood on live parts, for equipment in place, complete with all its parts, including lamps.


The products in their standard version comply with the “CE” European Community Directives. For any other destination for the material in question, the customer and/or his successors will require prior written permission directly from the manufacturer stating the necessity of the case. It’s the manufacturer’s choice whether or not to issue the authorisation.


Parts, products and accessories manufactured by third parties, even if integrated in the machines, are not covered by this Warranty. The Warranty is issue directly by the manufacturer of the defective product. If requested, BI will act as an intermediary between the customer and the third-party manufacturer. In this case, however, BI excludes any liability for the agent.


The availability of spare parts is ensured until the end of the tenth year after dismissal of the specific product from BI’s range of products. The spare parts will be listed and kept on pricing until the end of the fourth year from the dismissal of the product from the range. Subsequently, the prices for the same will be available upon request. The availability and delivery times may vary, even in a relevant way, depending on the availability of the individual items. Working or production of individual parts will be charged at full price.

First installation form – warranty activation
First installation form – warranty activation (Excel)