TOUCH 32''

The high-capacity vending machine designed and engineered to provide optimum service in all public spaces

LEI2GO TOUCH 32” is the all-in-one automatic vending machine for hot and cold beverages that can be customised with high-quality products and be accompanied by tasty mini-snacks. Owing to its incomparable capacity and its vandal-resistant system, LEI2GO TOUCH 32” is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of consumers passing through the busiest public

Move up a level by promoting new ways to consume and offering more choices.
Enjoy a dynamic drinking experience with the practical lids, sip high-quality beverages like tea in a bag, and enjoy a fancier break with the mini-snacks.

Available technologies

Technical information

  • Vandal-resistant touchscreen: 32” FULL HD touchscreen monitor provided with a protective support made of scratchproof polycarbonate that is 5 mm thick and positioned 3 mm away from the touchscreen.
  • Vandal-resistant galvanized steel door.
  • Vandal-resistant coin-insertion and recovery.
  • End selection acoustic signal.
  • 2 cup sizes.
  • Topping dispenser x4
  • Integrated side compartment that can dispense up to 200 lids for cups measuring 80 mm in diameter and 400 stirrers but not only... The compartment contains 6 drawers provided with 2 spirals for dispensing mini-snacks that can be combined with the selected beverage. For tea lovers, the spirals can also dispense different types of tea bags.
Welcome to the vending revolution.
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