A conversation with colleagues, laughing together, the heady aroma of espresso coffee, or even the silky creaminess of a velvety cappuccino.

For many people, a coffee break at the office is a daily ritual: make it unique with Talia, the semi-automatic solution with which you can create a cosy, welcoming coffee corner in any location, for a break hallmarked by taste, performance and design.

With such a wide menu, there are more opportunities for use, and you can offer a wider range of prices.
There is a favourite beverage for all times of day: coffee in all its variations, and much more besides.

Available technologies

Technical information

  • ES version with traditional espresso coffee brewer: espresso coffee made according to Italian tradition.
  • ESV version with variable chamber coffee brewer: for doses from 8 to 13 g. It guarantees perfectly-brewed coffee in all its tasty variants. This version has a double output do deliver two cups of coffee at the same time.
  • Product layout with a hopper for 1.3 kg of coffee beans, and three containers for soluble products.
  • Choice of 2 intuitive interfaces: Easy: backlit keypad with 12 selections buttons and a personalisable 3.5” LCD TFT colour display. Touch: 7” touchscreen display with an intuitive, easily personalised menu. It offers an effective space for communications that can display videos and product information.
  • 4-litre refrigerator to keep the milk in perfect condition.

Informative material

Welcome to the vending revolution.
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