The machine that allows you to customise your drink and complete your break with a tasty mini snack.

LEI700 PLUS 2CUPS, automatic vending machine for hot and cold drinks with dual cup dispenser with a capacity of 1000 cups.
Combined to the Coffee To Go module, it is surely the only machine that can meet all tastes.

By multiplying the number of recipes you stimulate consumption and increase the average value of purchases.
Tastier and flavorful drinks to satisfy any desire, even the most gluttonous.

Available technologies

Technical information

  • Touch: monitor 32” FULL HD with touch screen technology - multimedia (video).
  • Customizable sugar dosage.
  • End selection acoustic signal.
  • Compatible to use a mug instead of a disposable cup (optional mug kit).
  • 2 sizes of cups.
  • Topping dispenser x4
  • Antivandal coin introduction.
  • Coffee to Go module option to dispense up to 200 lids for cups measuring 80 mm in diameter and 500 stirrers. In addition, the same units contains 6 drawers equipped with 2 spirals for dispensing mini-snacks to go with the chosen beverage.
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