TOUCH 10’’


AND WHAT IF YOU COULD OFFER MORE, IN LESS SPACE? You are accustomed to thinking that to set up a complete and functional coffee corner, you need a lot of space, that design is just a detail, that high performance calls for complex management procedures.

Evia is ready to make you think again: an extensive, high-quality range in a reduced space, high productivity by means of very simple interaction with the machine, attractive design to ensure the enticing fascination of a premium experience.

The machine’s small size does not limit the value of your product range, but actually brings it to the highest levels.
There is a wide choice, the coffee is excellent, and likewise the other beverages: the coffee corner becomes a small corner of paradise.

Available technologies

Technical information

  • ESV version with variable-chamber coffee brewer: for doses from 8 to 13 g. It ensures perfectly-brewed coffee in all its taste variants. It has a double output for dispensing 2 cups of coffee contemporaneously.
  • Product layout with two 1.1 kg coffee bean containers, and three containers for soluble products.
  • Four extra modules to make it even more complete.
Welcome to the vending revolution.
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