The Touch revolution.

Touchscreen is the technological solution used in many areas such as ATMs, fast food, smartphone, able to provide to the consumer a new feeling experience. Touch monitors are available for all models of all our new product range with screen sizes from 7” up to 46”.

An opportunity for your business.

SEDUCTION. Our Touch technology provides an added value that rewards the user with an exceptional consumer experience — in short, a tool of key importance in helping to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately improve the profitability of your business:

  • interactive, attractive and inviting interface;
  • products displayed with high definition images;
  • highly intuitive selections;
  • expressive and dynamic design enhanced by LED backlighting;
  • innovative and loyalty-inducing user experience.

SATISFACTION. Turn the vending machine into a real live Coffee Shop, capable of meeting all your needs and preferences, this is the philosophy behind our new interface:

  • increase the possibility to combine products;
  • when a hot beverage machine is combined in Master/Slave with a snack machine, a beverage can be dispensed along with a given snack, creating menus selectable in seconds at the touch of a f ingertip;
  • selections are readily accessible, ensuring that machines will be easy to use even for disabled persons.
Up to 5 different product families can be configured, each associated with up to 6 selections of single items or 6 menus with one beverage and one snack when the machine is combined in master/slave with a snack machine.
You can create specific promotions for products, or menus in the case of Master/Slave combinations, making them immediately attractive and selectable.
The LCD technology used in our monitors will accommodate high quality images and promotional or information videos, drawing the user even more powerfully into the consumer experience.
Selections can be customized by organizing them in product families associated with common nutritional attributes. In each family the user can select the product desired and view all the nutrition information.

Communication and complete customization.

In this day and age, the automatic vending machine needs to operate like a true media centre, able to communicate with the user, to function both as a marketing tool and as an information channel at the service of consumers:

  • business can be generated by offering the chance to show images and promotional videos;
  • customers can be offered the facility of using the monitor as a company notice board, showing news or special announcements for employees;
  • users can find out about ingredients and view nutritional information, so as to satisfy any particular food requirement.

Our Touch technology enables a wide variety of easily implemented customization features. Accordingly, each single machine can be adapted to cater for the special needs of all customer types, offering a consumer experience tailored to suit any kind of preference:

  • up to six different languages can be added;
  • the interface manages multimedia content and different configurations without difficulty, thanks to the innovative Bianchi WinConfigTouch platform, our new Windows based application;
  • program and update the details of promotions offered on specific products or menus;
  • select and change menu backgrounds, images and icons associated with food and drink products, supplier brand logos, text indicating product names, retail prices and languages.
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