Bianchi Vending Spa implemented its HO.RE.CA Division through Brasilia's brand

Bianchi Vending Spa implemented its new development strategy by strengthening its HORECA Division through the acquisition of one of the most representative espresso machine brands: Brasilia. Already operating as a leading supplier of products for bars, restaurants, catering companies and hotels, with this operation the company run by the Trapletti family aims to reach the top of a strategically important market. Thanks to the technological solution that have made Brasilia products famous around the world, as well as to the industrial patents acquired, the company headquartered in Bergamo has transformed its HO.RE.CA Division into a crowning achievement. It is an operation of great significance because it was finalized by a company which not too long ago had to face an arrangement with creditors. The goal is to be once again not only a market leader in the vending sector, but one of the leading manufacturers of professional espresso machines, like Brasilia was. This is a challenge that the Trapletti family is willing to take on in order to push their own brands to the top of their respective markets.

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Bianchi Vending Spa implemented its HO.RE.CA Division through Brasilia's brand

Fonte: BIANCHI VENDING S.P.A - Zingonia di Verdellino, 02 October 2015

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